Technology creating artificial distances.

Technology is supposed to make human interaction easy and smooth. Is it not? After all what is the point of having all these electronic gadgets if we can not be contacted or reached by someone who wants to. But in practice very often we ignore the person right in front of us while involving ourself in one of these very Gadget. A dear friend Geoffrey has compiled a beautiful set of 10 Rules to resolve this paradox. Click at the link below to read these rules:

it’s become grossly apparent to me how much we allow technology to get in the way of connecting with each other. I’m not suggesting that technology is the problem; in fact, I’m an avid and active proponent for social media and the interactive web. It’s not the technology, it’s how we use the technology. (via 10 Rules of Tech-etiquette « Geoffrey Webb.)

I would like to add an eleventh Rule to these 10 etiquettes:

“Those damn walkers with music buds in ear. At least during walk head sets should not be used as it is dangerous. Some kids keep one head set on at all the time and ask you to repeat twice everything you say. “

Please share your views.

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