Radhasoami cult Dogma

Following is an interesting summing up of the criticism of Radhasoami cult:

“It always bothered me that satsangis [RSSB initiates] often tended to sum up morality as basically:

–don’t have sex with anybody but your spouse

–karma is simply “whatever is done to you, you did to others”

–ahimsa is just about being a vegetarian and not killing spiders

There’s no interest in studying what ahimsa truly is, or any of the other yamas or niyamas. But then satsangis don’t need to study the subtle aspects of eastern (or western) philosophy, ethics, and morality because we are above all that. Just do your meditation and all the virtues will appear.

If you are a vegetarian, you won’t incur bad karma; bad things won’t happen to you. Never mind that you destroy people mentally, emotionally, physically, or financially. Never mind that you are deeply disturbed, because if you’re a vegetarian and won’t even kill a bug, you’re swell!. The rest is just karmic adjustment ‘till you’re outtahere.

I wish I could invent a Crapometer. Or how about a Dogmameter? You know, something that goes ding, ding, ding, flashes bright lights, and has a dial that indicates how much crap or dogma is being dispensed. However, sigh, I suppose it would probably ding incessantly for everyone and we would all have to remain in silence forever.” via More criticism of Radha Soami Satsang Beas – Church of the Churchless.

If I have to criticize I would only say Radhsoami or for that matter all religious groups/cults do not practice what they preach in terms of money. Some of the habits they preach for others, they do not follow themselves. One instance of hypocrisy about smoking is here. What they rob from peter they share a small sum with poor people with freebies like Lungar (food) etc. and attract crowds.
If purpose of this life is pursuit of God and emancipation then why the Guru himself is in accumulation of money? See here.
In the present era of Internet and mass communication why we need to build Satsang Ghar (read Properties) in every city town or village? Why not school or hospital or just a dispensary?
It is just “my temple/church is better than yours” syndrome, everywhere. But who actually bothers for people beyond symbolic way. Therefore it is just another cult existing to exploit people.

Any how these immoral cults can not shake my faith in God.

© Sandeep Bhalla

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6 thoughts on “Radhasoami cult Dogma

  1. Very well said, sir. Thank you for exposing such liars and thieves ! Indeed, it’s these sort of cults and their adherents that give a bad name to the truly stainless principles of the Eternal Dharma. Also–I went to visit the RSSB ‘ashram city’ some years ago….and was very very ‘turned off’ (repulsed) by the overall energy +atmosphere… to say the least.. Went there planning to spend a peaceful few days, maybe even a week or two…But departed from that place ASAP after experiencing a distinctly a thinly veiled vibration of sinister, deceitful, and just plain false/bogus ‘quality.’ Or lack of quality, in fact. Will never go back to that place or associate with those people again. All glories to the Almighty Lord !


  2. Mr. Bains, when you visit India, please visit Beas and attend satsangs but visit without disclosing that you are from UK. Change your dress with common Pathani Suit of brown colour. Then come back here and comment about modesty of Satsangi’s and sewaks there.
    BTW it would have been better if you had read entire post. Problems are about hypocrisy and not vegetarianism or karma. Problem arises when a group of people become arrogant because they follow a certain set of habits. Habits are matters of culture. you may also read about habits here https://sandeepbhalla.com/2012/06/07/habits-divergence-obsession/. BTW being open mind is two way street. Your criticism is welcome here but you can not do the same on official site of RSSB. As regards religious cults generally my views are here: https://sandeepbhalla.com/2012/04/05/religious-cults/.
    Any way, thanks for your perspective.


    • visit dayalbagh ,agra. that’s the true faith .the other two sabd and beas are just cult.they also have their university –Dayalbagh educational institute.their research on quantum computing and consciousness is marvellous.


  3. ‘whatever is done to you, you did to others, so if you screw someone over financially, physically etc it will come back to haunt you, that is what the karma rule is implying. Even if you are a vegetarian you WILL still have bad things happening to you, I don;t know where you get your facts from. Being a vegetarian is simply something which helps us to stop adding rubbish to the load and meditation is the fire that will burn the rubbish. So stop making false accusations and LEARN AND BE OPEN MINDED. P.S I am not even a RS member to the full extent, I am just learning the teachings and trying to become a better human. Those satsangis that have implemented the RS teachings are the some of the best people I have met.


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