Happy Radhasoami

Radha Soami Satsang Beas claims to be a spiritual science. Science progresses by testing hypotheses, examining all of the data related to a problem, disseminating research results and discussing them openly.
So here’s some information about RSSB. Consider it; ignore it. Your choice.

According to this person:

” I came in contact with RSS Beas as a teenager 50 years ago, slid into the cult in the early fifties, became a functionary, and officially left in the early nineties.
Since leaving I am learning to live by my own light. I have delved into the roots of the spiritual traditions of my Indian culture by readings and pilgrimages and have understood the working of the RSS Beas feudal religious cult within which I was caught for a very long time. This reminds me of the Baba Sawan Singh quote: ‘Santmat is not taught, it is caught’, I would say, ‘Santmat is not taught, the Satsangi is caught’.” (see Radha Swami Satsang Beas Expose: Business Dealings.)

Some mind-boggling facts are given at the links provided below. No reason to feel bad. Every religion starts with a mystic. After mystic is gone, the sick people start encashing the legacy. Unfortunately Great Masters were always surrounded by sick people only, as those who were cured, had to go back to their life.

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