Now, a car that moisturizes your skin!

Japanese car manufacturer Nissan has developed an air filter that dispenses vitamin C into a car’s cabin, moisturizing the skin of its occupants. Nissan says that direct application of vitamin C to the skin helps to create collagen and elastin, which keep skin looking young and healthy. The vitamin stimulates the body’s metabolism to supply more moisture to the skin. An hour’s drive is more effective than applying moisturizing cream, say its creators. “We are already cleaning the air in the cabin, so we thought we could add something into the air as well,” The Sydney Morning Herald quoted climate system engineer Yuzuru Yoshinami, as saying. (extracted from Now, a car that moisturizes your skin! – Beauty – Life & Style – The Times of India.)

Would someone tell me that if I throw vitamin c tablets inside the AC duct of my car; would it help or not?

Please share your views.

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