Government of India’s gift to Microsoft

On-line filing of Income Tax Return in India

For past many years filing of Income tax return is compulsorily on-line. But the method adopted to do this appears to be favoring Microsoft. The Excel sheet (with ActiveX code) is required to be filled, which generates a xml file which is to be uploaded. There is no support or alternate to use open source software thus compelling the people to either buy Microsoft products worth about 15K or to use pirated ones. This is contrary to the practice resolved by the Government itself in 2009. The link to draft policy of Government of India favoring Open Source is

I would like to know if this has been adopted and notified under Income Tax Act or any other law.

Checking these sites:

That doc is still in the process of review. But this one appears to be more relevant:
It is available at following link as well:

Despite this policy, Income tax Department of Government of India, compels a person to patronize Microsoft’s Software i.e. Microsoft excel. I really wonder that Mr. P. Chidambaram who is himself such a brilliant lawyer could miss this. Perhaps it is the disinterest (or ignorance?) towards computers. Who knows?


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