Canon lide 100 scanner

I need to use canon lide 100 scanner for archiving but so far Ubantu does not permit this. Going to try this command tomorrow to edit configuration file:

# Install the libsane-extras package.

# Press Alt+F2, type

gksudo gedit /etc/sane.d/dll.conf

# into the box and click Run to open the SANE driver file for editing.

#Enable the right driver for your scanner by removing the “#”  from in front of the name of the driver. You may need to search the web to find out which driver is the right one.

# Save the file and open Xsane (Applications ▸ Graphics ▸ XSane Image Scanner). Your scanner will hopefully work.

Ubuntu community says hopefully it will work! Let’s see.

No it did not work.

Please share your views.

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