Volkswagon to change cheater software

Honest software to replace cheater software.

Computers do not lie. So we are told. Here is an example demonstrating exactly opposite. Computer does what it is instructed to do. It has no notions of true or false or right or wrong. In this era of mass management of businesses, not just logistics, this event is a landmark to ponder over possibilities of mass deception by computers rather through computers. Blindly trusting results produced by computer without cross checking with human test must be deprecated. It must be mandatorily carried out frequently on random sample. When I say this I am not talking about emission control only. What if similar boosting effect is applied in a computer used in medical diagnostics?

Coming back to Volkswagen, does replacing the software solve the problem? Why cheater software was installed in the first place?

The obvious answer to second question is: because the vehicle did not meet emission norms, cheater software was installed. This begs the first question and answer would be emphatic NO. Continue reading

Guests on Earth, behave yourself. 

A philosophical view of problem of climate change.

Environment damage is no more a question of debate. It is a fact. Hot and humid September in New Delhi and people under attack by Dengue is another example. Weather is not the only symptom. Depleting water table, polluted ground water, near extinction of vultures etc. are many pointers.

 Why this mad rush to buy more?

Human race has out lived its welcome on earth. Consumerism which was attributed to west is now equally prevalent in metro cities of India, China and elsewhere. Consumerism and consumption are taken as actions of living. Sadly consumption is no more for living but consumerism is living. Buy buy and buy more.

Are we not guests?

Death would be a subject which may seem unrelated to environment and consumerism but it is not.  Continue reading

Diplomatic immunity to human trafficking?

A SoudiArab diplomat is unavailable to respond to allegations of purchasing 2 Napalese women, raping them, faliciting them for rapes by his guests, keeping them in confinement and virtual slavery et. al. Are these allegations correct?

According to police medical report corroborate rapes. They raided the residential premises (in a suburb of New Delhi) of diplomat on complaint from a social worker who in turn was tipped off by another new maid in the household. It is alleged that these maids were earlier taken to SoudiArab for a few months. If we go by press reports, the victims state that they were raped by over 20 persons and several times a day. Horrific. 

While the diplomatic aspects are unfolding, I have a few questions:

1. What is the status of women in SoudiArab? Are they equal to men in all respect with right to hold property?

2. Are men in general or any particular class in SoudiArab entitled to have personal harem?

3. What kind of evidence is required in SoudiArab to prove rape? My guess is Muslim woman is half witness and non Muslim is even less. Thus if male denies and two Muslim women affirms, evidence is equally decided. Am I correct?

4. Is purchasing a woman is not human trafficking? Is human trafficking permissible in SoudiArab? If not what is the punishment?

5. Why question of human trafficking especially women and children and by diplomats is not taken seriously as a serious problem?

As usual, chances of finding answers are bleak but I am keeping my fingers crossed. 

A new internet Gmail phishing fraud?

Is contactme.com a phishing website?

Received this email from someone as “account01@gmail.com”.

Dear Subṣcriber,

1. Yọu requeṣted yọur Email Accọunt ọn August. 31, 2015 at 03:28 PM Cṣ tọ be deactivated and deleted frọm a lọcatiọn in with thiṣ IP number; 330.651.935

2. Click ọn ( http://www.contactme.com/50411e1130b0f40002014656/ ) tọ cancel thiṣ requeṣt; elṣe yọur e-mail accọunt will be deactivated and deleted within 24 họurṣ.

3. Dọ nọt ṣhare yọur paṣṣwọrd with anyọne fọr yọur ṣecurity purpọṣe.

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Webland.in finally responded

Webland.in review:

Unscrupulous Hosting solution providers.

Sometime back I had written a review about webland.in, a web hosting provider at this link. Now after a long time (11 months) they have noticed it and have given this response:

Dear Sandeep,

This is regarding your blog on webland.in at “sandeepbhalla.com”,

We found your write-up is inappropriate about our server, bandwidth downtime or refund.

There are a few 3rd party websites which monitor and collect data. Which shows up the server speed, uptime etc. Most of them show a very good speed and 99.6% uptime for last 3 years, which is true about webland.

As your blog shows up on the first page of Google for search terms related to webland, it really hurts the buyers and we would have lost a big portion of revenue.

We run a very small-scale business and not greedy about money. Our employees are from weaker part of the community and run this show, just for their sake.

As you know, we sell domain + hosting for just 700/- per year, the margin we make out is very low.

We were not able to find “client history” for yours in our system, if it is a refund, we can do it immediately.

Please consider us and kindly remove the blog against us.

Thank you

S. Innocent”

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