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Every Problem has a solution but every solution has its own problems.

No More, A Poem.

This is a poem which kissed me after I watched the last or last but one episode of Breaking Bad. As usual I woke up in the morning with few whispering words which started to swing into sentences and here… Continue Reading →

FYUP: Did UGC defrauded students of DU?

The move to scrap all the courses came under the dictate of University Grant Commission which claimed that four-year undergraduate program (FYUP) was in conflict with the National Policy of Education. This policy was first framed in 1968. It was changed and reframed in 1986 and was last amended in 1992. The link provided above is last version of the said policy published in 1998 and is official version of Government. It appears UGC is reading something in Policy which is not there. Let us read what these policies laid down.

Comparison : why this compulsive habit?

Compulsive comparison. Compare means: to examine (two or more objects, ideas, people, etc.) in order to note similarities and differences: to compare two pieces of cloth; to compare the governments of two nations. Comparison is defined as: 1. the act… Continue Reading →

India Election 2014: Many firsts make it to history.

Election 2014 has many unique features. Many ‘First’ made in election 2014 Election 2014 results: Elections in India returned Narendra Modi as it’s 14th Prime Minister. Election 2014 largest adult franchise in the world. 814 Million people participated out of… Continue Reading →

A poetry: Me, Mine and More.

Enlightenment, moksha, nirvana or a great thought;
Humanity, compassion, charity tethered to thought;
Who am I, where am I, craves the thought;

Secularism: USA may oppose Narendra Modi but USA Supreme Court shares his views.

US Supreme Court has diluted the concept of separation between government and religious establishments and held that it is part of tradition to conduct christian prayers at the start of new legislative session by a priest who is paid by State. Something that BJP and Narendra Modi had been consistently stressing.

Dream and reality.

A scribble on dreams and reality Dream so real, love so sweet; Kiss so tender, alive underneath; Beauty beyond measure, smile so real; Behold your hope and let me sleep; Reality so brutal, sleep so sweet; Feelings and emotions, passionate notions;

Tinydesk for iphone: review

Blogging by Tinydesk for iPhone Tinydesk is forum secular blogging app for iPhone. It claims to be able to connect to most of blogging sites like WordPress and blogger etc. but it is not able to connect to self hosted… Continue Reading →

Disconnect between knowledge, education and living

Does formal education help in living? What is education? Ability to read and write? Ability to acquire skill? Ability to make a living? Ability to live life without perturbation? What is it? A graduate or even post-graduate can’t answer this… Continue Reading →

GPT partition, no bootable disk, Grub error

There was no problem in booting from live CD/USB. Only the installation on GPT partitioned Hard Disk did not boot. We installed boot-repair tool by Yannubuntu. On blindly accepting the recommended fix it installed bootloader on all partitions as also on live USB. On rebooting the system booted Grub 2 but from USB MBR. Trying to boot from hard disk did not succeed.

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