Yakub Memon and Brady Violation

Death sentence to a terrorist.

Yakub Memon is a convicted terrorist (for killing 257 people and injuring three times more) and is scheduled to be hanged on 30 July 2015, since his last petition to Supreme Court of India, by way of curative petition has been dismissed. It is not surprising because by very nature remedy of curative petition is to correct or cure a mistake or injustice. However what is appalling is discovery of new facts as revealed by a former intelligence officer. According to these revelations (published in indian express newspaper) Memon is a flipper. He was in conspiracy with Pakistan, for terrorist attack but for the sake of his family’s safety he agreed to flip. Continue reading

Secularism: Yet another meaningless word inviting debate.

Who is secular and who is religious!

Secular means unrelated to religion and secularist state do not sponsor any particular religion. Constitution of USA has a mandate to be secularist state. Constitution of India did not use this word secularism but 1976 amendment added words ‘socialist secular’ in the preamble of the Constitution of India.



A few days ago I had pointed out that Barak Obama has failed as a Black President in so far as ethnic violence is concerned in USA and that USA needs a debate on Black and White ethnicity and harmony. I also find it distasteful practice to start session of house of representatives in USA (in certain states) with religious prayers, but that problem has yet to blow itself up. A similar problem exist here in India and that is about secularism.

What secularism actually meant over the time, in history?

Historically, the secular word gain its prominence in 15th Century when Catholic church had its tentacles in every walk of life. Free speech meant to speak what church approved to speak. USA led a way and established a State that would not sponsor any religious following. Thus it precedes, French which enacted law for separation of church and the State in 1905 and thus declaring Laïcité. Later this word has been frequently used in France to refer to public institutions free from religious influence. Continue reading

Telephony Companies crying wolf over VOIP

Telecom companies in India fear from OTT telephony:

OTT telephony is the technical name of the VOIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol. Apps like Skype, Viber, What’s App, BBM etc. which offer voice calling fall in this bracket. While broadband providers have no problem, telecom companies feel threatened by these messengers which provide talking facility.

How so many third-party messengers came into existence?

Water flows downward. So does consumer. It will always find attraction in lower tariff possibilities. So how so many messengers came in to being? Because telephone companies became greedy. While they sell bunch of hundreds or thousand commercial SMS for 1 paisa or less, they charge at least 1 rupee for normal personal SMS. Thus they subsidised spam at the cost of average consumer. Of course developers saw the anomaly and found a solution in instant messengers.

Similar anomaly in telecom tariff:

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Kindle pay per read scheme will discourage research books

A review of KENP* read scheme of Kindle:

(Kindle Edition Normalized Pages (KENP) Read)*

Kindle has introduce a new method of payment of royalty to authors who have enrolled their books to Kindle Lenders Library (KLL) and Kindle Owners Lending Library (KOLL) where the readers can borrow and read the books. From this July the authors shall be paid royalty on per read page basis. As to what exactly that means is not clear. If somebody scrolls down a few pages and starts reading after skipping few pages, will that count? There are many similar questions about a computer deciding the meaning of ‘read’. But that part is another matter. Here is a problem that is created on the assumption that people buy books to read from page one to last. The fact is that this proposition is true only of fiction books.

Effect on research books:

Medicine, law and Science are foremost research subject. In research there is a long chain of history and a conclusion. Unlike fiction in which people read to pass time, most people by research book to reach at conclusion. They are not concerned with the process through which conclusion was reached. But as it is, readers pays for entire research. Not just for the page on which conclusion is reached.

About law books:

Law Books

Law books are reference books. Continue reading

ebay.com what a waste of time?

ebay.com is run by computers and robot like humans!

I opted to purchase something on ebay.com and checked out as guest. I was asked all the details and in the end I had to enter confirmation code sent on my mobile phone. For 30 minutes, I did not receive SMS, I tried – it. Yet no response. I left the page. After a while I tried to register afresh but it would say, invalid email At this point I sought help from their chat. This is the waste of time but it is hilarious. If you know anything about computers, You will ROFL, at the solution and would wonder how ignorant can be the employees of such big corporations like ebay.com. And I wonder if success now need only one talent, attract people in herds. Few fools would always pay.

Bottom line is: Can you trust ebay.com with money when it offers no help on a minor issue of registration??

Bhagyashree J.
Thank you for contacting eBay Live Help. My name is Bhagyashree, How may I assist you today?
I have completed registration but I am not receiving the confirmation code to my mobile. Tried resending several times.
Bhagyashree J.
Oh, so sorry to hear that.
Can you proceed by sending code on email?

Economy of Greece in 2015 and post referendum problems

Greece wants to build its economy on its own!

Greek Referandum 2015

Greece wants to be on its own, fine. But what is the problem of Greece? Greece borrowed money for toxic ventures. Money is invested in ventures which did not generate wealth or job opportunity. It has no money to pay to Banks. In past five years, Greece on the advice of IMF and Euro Union etc imposed major changes by cutting salaries, pension, welfare programs etc. collectively called austerity measures. The result is 50% unemployment and about 10,000 suicide. The bailout package which it received every year went into repayment of debt or interest. No job or wealth creation was made. Greece is demanding a few years moratorium which Bankers are not willing to give. Now whole nation has made a resounding message of ‘NO’ to terms imposed by banks and accepted bankruptcy. Now what?

I received an interesting forwarded message explaining Greek problem. Here is the extract:

Greek economic crisis in a nut shell for the laymen:

“The endeavour is to explain a very complicated circular trading (round tripping algorithm) nonsense that became a crisis, in a simple way.

MARY is the proprietor of a bar in Athens. She realises that virtually all her customers are unemployed alcoholics and, as such, can no longer afford to patronise her bar – she will go broke. To solve this problem, she comes up with a new marketing plan that allows her customers to drink now and pay later.She keeps track of the drinks consumed on a ledger (thereby granting the customers loans).  Continue reading

Requiem to Y. K. Sabharwal, allegedly corrupt ex Chief Justice of India

Eulogy to a judge who imposed Martial Law in Delhi in 2006

Mid Day expose of Y K Sabharwal

Y. K. Sabharwal (Yogesh Kumar Sabharwal) was a name I became familiar with when I had started my career as a junior lawyer with a government counsel. Yesterday Y. K. Sabharwal passed away and would be cremated in a short while. Every person has many personas and different people remember a person differently. I have my remembrance about Justice Sabharwal.  Continue reading

System of judges appointing judges!


A constitution bench of Supreme Court of India is hearing the challenge to the validity of NJAC Act, 2014. In doing so they were not discreet about the fact that judges are the interested parties. The arguments far from being adversarial have been turned into inquisitive enquiry as is apparent by the line of questioning by the judges. It appears that judges are evaluating as to which system is best. The earlier system where executive appointed the judges and grossly abused the position or the present system of in which judges themselves appoint the judges and which is apparently full of nepotism as nearly a 1/5th of all the judges appointed in high courts and supreme court is related to a previous judge. Living or dead. Unfortunately the question of nepotism was not raised by Attorney General with empirical data. At least news papers did not report it. The present system has come under flak from retired judges themselves. One such criticism of judges appointing judges is here. Regarding the corruption by the relatives of judges and inaction by appointing judges read here. Another similar story about corruption is here. Another report about rich relatives of former Chief Justice of India is here. How retired judges are using prefix ‘Justice’ forever i.e. even after demitting the office is another mystery in the face of express prohibition in Constitution. But who can judge the judges?

Any how, the line of enquiry by court in NJAC case is similar to the substantive due process arguments in the USA and is very delicate. It would be wise to tread on this line carefully. In my view court can not lay down the policy of appointment or evaluate a better one. Rather has only to see if the one propounded before it does not deviate from overall scheme of Constitution and thus does not violate basic structure of constitution. Of course it can judicially review it on all other available grounds like arbitrariness etc.

What is similar between India, Pakistan and Mynamar?

It is unfortunate that system of appointment of judges by judges finds similarity with two quasi totalitarian or  totalitarian  countries where military appoints military and the Government has no say and people have no right to know anything about it.

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Eulogy by Obama at charleston: 14th in his tenure.

Shoot out in USA to kill without provocation

President Obama had misfortune to deliver 14 eulogies in his tenure. Each in respect of civilian death(s) caused by a discontent fellow civilian, without any apparent provocation. No person will envy President Obama. Violence is last expression of discontent. While contentment is like unicorn, it appears we are left to deal with discontentment without the former. About discontent in students, I had expressed my humble observations here. But it would also be the right time to review the Military Type education we provide in our schools. The violence at charleston has a racist angle. It appears that a 21 years old boy with white supremacist mind set opened fire during prayer inside a ‘black’ church. Though not sure, the fact that initially the shooter also joined the victims in prayer makes the violence even more macabre. But who am I to comment anything on it. Continue reading