Eulogy by Obama at charleston: 14th in his tenure.

Shoot out in USA to kill without provocation

President Obama had misfortune to deliver 14 eulogies in his tenure. Each in respect of civilian death(s) caused by a discontent fellow civilian, without any apparent provocation. No person will envy President Obama. Violence is last expression of discontent. While contentment is like unicorn, it appears we are left to deal with discontentment without the former. About discontent in students, I had expressed my humble observations here. But it would also be the right time to review the Military Type education we provide in our schools. The violence at charleston has a racist angle. It appears that a 21 years old boy with white supremacist mind set opened fire during prayer inside a ‘black’ church. Though not sure, the fact that initially the shooter also joined the victims in prayer makes the violence even more macabre. But who am I to comment anything on it. Continue reading

Emergency proclamation 1975: revisiting the past

Remembering Emergency days from childhood.

Indira cartoon emergency 1975

Those born after 1980 must read this:

Emergency is a dirty word in India. Constitution had vested certain powers in the Government to be invoked in case of emergency. Indira Gandhi, the then Prime Minister invoked these powers on midnight of 25/26 June 1975 on the ground of ‘internal disturbance’ which ground has subsequently been deleted by Constitutional Amendment. The effect of Emergency Proclamation was that civil rights were suspended. Habeas Corpus was not available. Legal deliberations on abolition of due process is in a previous article here.
Mass arrest of dissenters and protestors was the first implication of emergency. Harassment and arrest of inconvenient politicians and lawyers was second. Mass vasectomy was next. Abuse of powers to arrest to settle personal scores by Congress party and Communist Party members was next. Soon Bureaucracy joined the party to settle scores or to make money.
Those with spine were either in jail or underground.

How was emergency proclamation affected average citizen?

For one thing, the trains were running on time. Absenteeism in Government offices was replaced with punctuality. I am not able to recall any other plus point. May be I was too young. But I noticed many things. Continue reading

Nehru Gandhi Family: Who are you?

Nehru family: Who are they and upto what?

Jawaharlal Nehru

Last election saw the that ruling Congress Party, a Nehru Family governed (or owned?) political party, though polled 19% votes got less than 10% seats in Parliamentary Elections 2014. While the proprietors of the Party i.e. Nehru Family (now using different surnames) are looking into the causes of such massive loss, I landed on a page about Nehru Family here.

Nehru family five generation back:

The story dates back to 1857. The unsuccessful attempt by Indians to over throw the Imperial Government was over and British soldiers were repressing and killing the Mughal Officers. To escape, one Mughal kotwal (Chief of Police or present day Police Commissioner) along with his family escaped to Agra. Of course on foot and horses or bullock carts as there were no planes or trains at that time. Continue reading

Godaddy: Once a dishonest always a dishonest!

Finally I got rid of

It appears that economical hosting which offered was a ploy to lure people and then offer upgrade. I pondered over the question for about a month that if I should take the upgrade? But my principle is once a dishonest, always dishonest.

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But why be dishonest?

It is interesting thing to call somebody dishonest. You have to have a proof. I have given the proof in previous post. has not responded to it. At all. In fact the stony silence on their part is that of a dishonest person who is caught red handed.

Big thief small theft:

A dangerous trend has emerged recently. Corporations, especially big multinational ones have learned two thing about India. 1) Law enforcement is pathetically slow and expensive; 2) with millions of consumer steal uneconomical or small amount. Continue reading

Hostgator hosting refund policy.

Cheating in the name of hosting.

All hosting have found a new way to cheat people. I have been cheated twice.
First was They make tall promises but after the refund dead line they squeeze the bandwidth and demand more payment. Similar thing is happening with Goddady, whose details are here. Hosting is like a ponzi scheme. Pay a sum for one year or more and everything works fine till you are entitled to claim refund which is about 45 days or less. Once that threshold is crossed, you lose everything. The money gone forever and website will be down 100 times in a day. Even when trying to log in, the page will not load.

On a look out for new host I stumbled upon, another reputed name or so I believed. But the chat with their representative, yesterday was rather deceptive. This is the chat with hostgator ‘s representative:

12:40:1431348009 Your Question: There is no mention of refund of invoice amount in your agreements
12:40:1431348009 Please wait and one of our operators will be with you shortly.
12:40:1431348039 You are now chatting with Reshmi V – HG – Sales
12:40:1431348042 Reshmi V: Welcome to HostGator Sales. My name is Reshmi, How may i assist you?
12:40:1431348053 Sandeep Bhalla: There is no mention of refund of invoice amount in your agreements
12:41:1431348070 Sandeep Bhalla: I have read the Master agreement and Hosting agreement
12:41:1431348103 Sandeep Bhalla: Master agreement says there shall be no refund of the amount already debited to a customer.
12:42:1431348140 Sandeep Bhalla: It is at the end of master agreement.
12:45:1431348354 Sandeep Bhalla: Hello?
12:46:1431348362 Sandeep Bhalla: Are you there?
12:46:1431348373 Reshmi V: in shared the complete amount would be refunded within 45 days
12:47:1431348458 Sandeep Bhalla: after 45 days?
12:48:1431348521 Reshmi V: after 45 days we would calculate pro-rata basis
12:49:1431348582 Sandeep Bhalla: But your agreement do not mention that. On the contrary it expressly forbid refund.
12:50:1431348625 Sandeep Bhalla: You expect me to rely upon your word in this chat only contrary to express terms of contract?
12:52:1431348770 Sandeep Bhalla: Hello? Are your there?
12:52:1431348774 Reshmi V: normally its only 45 days money back we provide , but since we do not believe in keeping the amount without giving any service our billing team provide a Pro Rated refund to all the customers in shared
12:54:1431348866 Sandeep Bhalla: You are saying that you refund out of goodness of your heart but do not promise it writing in terms of conditions of hosting.
12:54:1431348879 Reshmi V: yes
12:54:1431348884 Sandeep Bhalla: *in writing
12:55:1431348908 Sandeep Bhalla: Wonderful. Thanks for enlightenment.
12:55:1431348921 Reshmi V: You’re welcome!
12:55:1431348921 Sandeep Bhalla: Good bye.
12:55:1431348927 Reshmi V: Is there anything else as of now ?

12:55:1431348933 Reshmi V: Thank you for using Hostgator Live Chat. Would appreciate if you could take a moment and rate your experience on this chat. It will take you no more than few seconds. The link will appear right after you leave this chat. Appreciate your time. Have a great day ahead.
12:55:1431348941 Sandeep Bhalla: Thanks.

Do you think I should go for this host?

I don’t. Relying upon goodness of heart is not my best suit any more especially when I have been cheated twice because I took there word for granted.

GoDaddy has to go!

Terrible services rendered by GoDaddy:

GoDaddy has serious issues and no customer support. In fact I am not able to find customer support email on there website. When I last reported the hosting problem with GoDaddy, somebody did make comment under that post claiming to be from GoDaddy but after making a standard reply, she failed to answer my query that as to why I was not able to login when there own cPanel was showing everything as normal.

After that, I was not able to log into my account for several occasions. I changed password yet there was same reply incorrect name or password. There are some serious issue with there servers. When I tweeted about the problem, GoDaddy promptly admitted that some people had problem logging into their account. Continue reading

Procedure is handmaid to justice but only for few.

Was Salman Khan given special treatment?

‘Procedure is hand maid to justice’ is a famous quote from a judgment delivered by Justice Krishna Iyyer, a former Supreme Court Judge. More so, it was observed in a case arising from the scope of discretion to grant bail to an accused. With the above quoted sentence Justice Iyyer was reminding that procedure must not obstruct the justice rather it must serve justice like a maid. That observation was made decades ago but little has changed except for the worse.
I received a joke by texting which referred to grant of bail to Salman Khan, by mentioning his application in High Court without impugned order. Joke is: Continue reading

Dignity in life and Facebook

Dignity is the space we presume impenetrable. We decide not only our dignity but also that of people surrounded by us. For example here a person doing manual labour is not treated as dignified. Until few years or decade they would not be offered chair to sit on. It would be same at many places. But my mother has grown out of it. Similarly at places colour of skin determines the dignity. Ancestorship is another factor to judge dignity. Method of worship. Our fellow worshipper is equal rest are Kafirs. Dignity also comes into play as regards our expectation of others. ‘This is beneath your dignity.’ Is the usual response which indicate the s/he did not meet the expectation. Continue reading