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Parliamentary defence in litigation

Litigation is a war sans bloodshed and physical violence. Like all wars its initiative and defence often becomes a subject matter of legends in the future. Parliamentary defence is one such legendary defence. What is it?

Background of parliamentary defence.

Parliament is a place of debate and discussions in which through logic and reason, conclusions may be reached. Of course conclusions are drawn by majority which is Government. So how does opposition display that it is doing something for an issue?

First and constructive one is to enact law, to remedy the problem. Continue reading

Rent Control Goddess and Temple.


Rent Control Laws were enacted in Europe especially in London in the aftermath of second word war which had destroyed the urban habitats on a massive scale. Object was to prevent landlords from taking advantage of unfortunate situation by hoarding residential accommodation. Rent Control legislation besides other things, protect the tenants from eviction except with the permission of courts only in specified circumstances. One such circumstance is that the landlord requires the property for his bona fide need.

Rent Control in India:

Delhi Rent Control Act is one such legislation. Initially introduced in 1936 it was recast and reenacted in 1958. Similar legislations are in place in every other state of Bharat (aka India). After the Amendments made in the year 1988, the provisions of the Act are intended to apply only on properties let out for rent below Rs. 3000.
The Delhi Rent Control Act, as originally enacted did not provide for eviction of commercial properties on the ground of bona fide requirement of the tenant. Supreme Court, a few years back struck down this anomaly as unconstitutional and opened flood gates of litigation for landlords of commercial properties to seek eviction of tenants. Continue reading

Living without a clue.

Living as humans

An astonishing fact about humans.

We are born tiny, we grow up, we grow old and die but in the process what we learn ? We are aware about our appearance, our possessions, our actions and some time the outcome as well but who is this self?

Inquiry into self.

We learn things. How to cook? How to milk a cow? All things needed not only to earn and to survive but also to out smart others. What about ourselves? How much we investigate about this ‘self’? What is this body and what is this mind? Who am I?
We have fascinatingly imaginative opinions about ourselves and all the people around us but in the black and white of bad and good. Opinions completely or partially divorced from facts. Vivid yet lacking relevant material details.

Why bother?

Continue reading

Notionpress responded to my review.

Response from Notionpress to
my previous review of their services.


Hello Mr. Bhalla

Below is our response for your blog post about our company NotionPress. We thank you for your time and hope that after reading our response you would take down the post which we feel misrepresents the company as fraudulent while we are an ethical and honest company. Our response to excerpts from your article is indicated in blue color below.

Notionpress a publication fraud.”

Our team is very concerned about the use of the word ‘Fraud’ as we have never approached you for any Fee to publish under the free publishing program. Under our pro publishing program, we clearly indicate what services we provide for the fee. Several authors have published their books under our Free publishing program and their books are being sold on our own store and where they are paid royalty regularly. You can browse through our online store to find the books published under Free publishing.

Continue reading

The Soul, my soul and your soul

Business of soul.

Soul is a big business. In fact largest and most profound. Historically saving souls is a pious venture which condone trivial violence like killing children, raping girls and women butchering unarmed humans. All obviously trivial because the religions which extended the umbrella of impunity to such act are still thriving.
Coming back to soul, what is it? A hard disk? A floppy disk? A CD-ROM ? Or a cloud account for human memories?

Continue reading is a disastrous hosting provider.

Review of (web hosting provider) is a web-hosting provider which is claiming to provide unlimited hosting at a very economical price of about Rs.60/- or USD 1/- per month. It appears that it is an India based reseller of Unlimited Hosting of UK even though it claims no affiliation of any kind. However the service provided by is very bad and unresponsive. Some of the problems which make it unviable host are as under:

Limited or poor server processing:

Every time I log into wordpress dashboard, it takes a very long time to do it. Thereafter I am struck there. Continue reading

Shubh Deepawali

Happy Diwali

Happy Diwali is a loose term which does not translate the true greeting but it is fast overtaking the original greeting “Shubh Deepawali”. The correct translation is “Let it be an auspicious Deepawali” but practice and convenience takes over. Any how, the intentions remain the same and words do not matter beyond a point. Therefore to all those who read this:

Shubh Deepawali.


Sai baba and Hindu worship tradition

‘Sai’ is another synonym of God. Literally it means omnipotent or omnipresent. Sai Baba refers to a 19th century Muslim faqir i.e. hermit who renounced the worldly affairs and left himself at the mercy of God or Sai. He spoke almost nothing except Sai. In other words he tried to point out that everything is God or Sai. The seer gained popularity over his selfless existence but has gained even more popularity in this century. The obvious reason is, the mouth to ear, reasoning that worshiping his deity produce desired results. The popularity of new deity is so much that deiform of Sai Baba now share dais with Ram and Sita in a temple as per picture below:


But religious shops aka temples are helpless for these are also governed by demand and supply rules and demand for Sai out weigh the consideration for archaeological etymology of God in question.

An Hindu Shankracharya (Hindu counterpart of Christian apostle) has openly denounced the practice of worshipping Sai Baba as contrary to Hindu religion. So much so that recently a petition was filed in Supreme Court of India claiming infringement of freedom of religion but it deftly declined.

The development is interesting as Hindu tradition of worshipping image is a practice which is dated back to over ten thousand years if not more. The fact that a Muslim Seer has been deiformed is a new challenge. But as it happens, most of worshippers of Sai are not aware of the complete biography. At least none could tell me when asked. Some of worshippers are close friends and relatives therefore I had to be polite and non invasive but I do not think it affected the result.

Any how the teaching of the Baba, to surrender, is yet to reach the followers who throng the temples seeking more possessions and to protect existing ones.

iPhone and Hindi keyboard.

Hindi keyboard on iPhone 5:

This perhaps would be my first bilingual post in English and Hindi. But thanks to the keyboard of the iPhone, Hindi typing is as easy as English. Hindi keyboards are not easy. Hindi not only has letters but also symbols above, below and after the letters to pronounce sounds. Typing symbols is not easy. But iPhone’s Hindi keyboard is intuitive and easy. If you have not tried, please do try.

Massage in Hindi :

यह मेरा प्रथम दिवभाषीय अंग्रेज़ी और हिंदी लेखन होगा। इसके लिये आईफ़ोन के हिन्दी कुंजीपटल को धन्यवाद। ईसके कारण हिंदी में टाइप करना अत्यंत सुविधाजनक है। हिंदी के कुंजीपटल आसान नहीं होते। हिंदी में शब्दों के ऊपर और नीचे मात्राओं को लगाना पड़ता है जिससे आवाज़ें उत्पन्न होती हैं। इन मात्राओं के सूचकों को गोदना आसान नहीं होता। परंतु आईफ़ोन का हिंदी कुंजीपटल आसान और सुविधाजनक है। अगर आपने प्रयोग नहीं किया तो तुरंत प्रयोग करें।

To use this keyboard add Hindi Keyboard in settings like this:



Now press the Globe button on keyboard and Hindi Keyboard will appear. All the best.


Amity School of Engineering and Technology, Bijwasan, Delhi

A College or Museum.

Amity School of Engineering and Technology is situated at urban village of Bijwasan, near Dwarka, Delhi. It is affiliated with GGS Indraprastha University of Delhi.

Presently Colleges and Universities in India have no rating or ranking system in India. Therefore the reputation is often weighed on the basis of merit cut off of students and placements.
However the first impression is often the last impression. Amity as an Engineering College also offers Courses in Computer Science and information technology. The website of Amity lists the configuration of computers in its lab on its website.

The most modern computer is listed as 266 MHz speed with 32 MB RAM and 5 GB Hard disk. That was the configuration which stopped rolling out of factories in year 2000 if not earlier.

Yes the lab if it has such computers is a museum. Because these machines existed only before Window XP came into being. Of course headless Linux can run on these ancient machines.
So is it true that this College has these ancient machines and are actually teaching on these machines?

No More, A Poem.

This is a poem which kissed me after I watched the last or last but one episode of Breaking Bad. As usual I woke up in the morning with few whispering words which started to swing into sentences and here it was a poem like sentences lying in my phone for quite some time. I have titled it:

No More.

Threshold you returned from;
Door never knocked to enter;
Roof which withered the rain;
House which kept us warm;
Alas is no more.

The peelings from  wall crying;
Hinges were squeaking pain;
Droplets from roof betrayed rain;
Rats and flies now playing the chattels;
Home alas is no more.

Swing in patio still playing with wind;
Pool with water smirking at lightening;
Roses, lilies still smile in the spring;
Lettuce first to leave, cactus be the last;
Dahlia alas is no more.

Little steps, rolling toys while birds were chirping;
Innocent smiles on lips igniting laughter;
Doors remember those endless chases;
Gone are puppies, dogs, birds and parrots;
Childhood alas is no more.

Looks which kindled, touch that was life;
Love so sweet; marriage sweat and sour;
Job that sucked but paid so well,
Me that was all to savour;
Life thou rattling, alas is no more.

FYUP: Did UGC defrauded students of DU?

Flip Flop by Delhi University on FYUP!

Delhi University scrapped Four Year Undergraduate Program!

A year back, Delhi University had started B.Tech and BMS Courses as Four Year Undergraduate Program. Now after the program had run one year, if was forced to scrap it. As a compromise the existing students will go on to complete the four-year course and would get their degree. The larger question is what shall be worth of such degree? Presumably nothing.

Delhi University Four Years Under Graduate Program Brochure 2014

Delhi University Four Years Under Graduate Program Brochure 2014

Dictate of UGC under the watch of Government.

Delhi University had started B.Tech and BMS Courses as Four Year Undergraduate Program last year and this year i.e. 2014, it had planned to increase the duration of all its undergraduate courses to four years. The move to scrap all the courses came under the dictate of University Grant Commission which claimed that four-year undergraduate program (FYUP) was in conflict with the National Policy of Education. This policy was first framed in 1968. It was changed and reframed in 1986 and was last amended in 1992. The link provided above is last version of the said policy published in 1998 and is official version of Government. It appears UGC is reading something in Policy which is not there. Let us read what these policies laid down.

1968 Education Policy:

1968 education policy was a small document. Clause 17 is relevant and as under: Continue reading

Comparison : why this compulsive habit?

Compulsive comparison.

Compare means: to examine (two or more objects, ideas, people, etc.) in order to note similarities and differences: to compare two pieces of cloth; to compare the governments of two nations.

Comparison is defined as:

1. the act of comparing.

2. the state of being compared.

3. a likening; illustration by similitude; comparative estimate or statement.

4. Rhetoric . the considering of two things with regard to some characteristic that is common to both, as the likening of a hero to a lion in courage.

5. capability of being compared or likened.

Now if two objects are before us e.g. two products in a shopping mall, the above definition will squarely apply but what happens when only one product or person is before us? Is that not comparison?


Compare terriers.

Comparison has become compulsive habit. Every time we encounter an object or a person, the mind rushes to the memory to find something to compare with. Why is it so?

Of course in this world where money has been propagated as means of survival and resources are used as means of self propagation, right price can only be determined by comparison. But do we need to analyse every object or person on comparative scale?

The problem of comparison is two-fold:

First there is no model or ideal object to compare with. Objectivity is relative from place to place, person to person, weather to weather. More so, the experience of comparing two products, can not be successfully applied in analyzing a person, a relationship or something similarly ethereal.

Secondly by comparison we miss, what is unique or not so common. We are struck in superficial and result is sorrow.

Comparison is founded on expectation of a vague objective. That vagueness is ever-increasing. Every new data for comparison only adds to vagueness.

Restless disappointment if not sorrow is the only result that emanates from comparison. The most unfortunate part is that it is not based on any sound foundation but merely a notion which may change very next day if not hour.

Uh comparison.

The noise of comparison hounds us day and night. It becomes not a compulsion but we becomes the comparison. Bench marking everything we see and meet with or without any ostensible purpose.

So who is alive? Comparison or the one who compares?

India Election 2014: Many firsts make it to history.

Election 2014 has many unique features.

Many ‘First’ made in election 2014

Election 2014 results:

Elections in India returned Narendra Modi as it’s 14th Prime Minister. Election 2014 largest adult franchise in the world. 814 Million people participated out of 1.2 billion Indian citizens. Apart from largest electoral process ever, This election had many notabilities such as:

1. Looser and winners were known from the beginning. Result only brought out the Modi wave into open. A first clear majority of a party in last 30 years. See the result depicting the tsunami called Narendra Modi, in election 2014. (See the picture frame above with credit to NDTV).

2. A person who started his career as a tea vendor and a foot soldier in his party became Prime Minister of the country, by choice of people not by manipulation or chance. Continue reading

A poetry: Me, Mine and More.

Jargon of an Organic Computer, I

Me, mine and more, reality with three shores;
Dredging for who am I; where am I;
Mirror on the wall lies to the pictures on the wall;
Truth and lies, relationships dead or alive;
Please tell me who am I, who am I;
Continue reading

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