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Living on borrowed mind.

Own mind:

Do you have mind of your own? Great. Because I don’t. I am frequently able to borrow the mind for doing certain tasks but that’s it. Rest if the time, the mind is on its own. Managing body and fluids, heart beat, temperature, blood pressure and God knows what else. It does all the things on its own. It has never, not even once, asked my opinion. Of course it follows my routine. Too much reckless eating or drinking means too much and often abrupt purgation. Too sedentary life style and may be it speaks through the pain but I am not sure. The worst part is constant churning. It churns even when I am asleep. Continue reading

Review of is an online shopping portal. Apparently they need to get their logistics operations set right. I had ordered a power bank on 11th February which was confirmed same day. Next day I was informed that it has been processed by vender. However after ten days i.e. On 22nd February it was informed that it has been despatched. The vendor took ten days to pack and despatch a branded power bank?
Any how the delivery is still awaited. Since I live in the Central Delhi, it is most unusual. I wonder what if order is placed from a remote village?
Will they take months?

Presently I am waiting for the delivery with baited breath. Apparently shopping online is no bed of roses or should I say Dahlia or marigold as there is aplenty in this season like picture below:

Shall upload picture later as WordPress for iPhone crashes every time I hit update.

Want to become a lawyer?

First advise to an aspiring intern lawyer.

The act of Lawyer

The world is a theatre and it is not a mere euphemism from Bard. Wherever we go, we profile others in certain image and as per popular images we as members of society have to ‘act’. Thus we are all actors without any room for innocence. Better actors, naturally are more successful.
Profession of law demands Continue reading

Why BJP lost New Delhi Elections 2015 to let AAP have landslide victory.

Rout of opposition in Delhi Elections:

As per expectations, Arvind Kejriwal’s Aam Aadmi Party won the Delhi elections and routed all other parties. The latter was a shock. Out of 70 total assembly seats AAP has won 67 seats remaining three being BJP 2 and SAD 1 seat. The projected Chief Ministerial candidate of BJP also lost. Everything went wrong for congress which lost it’s all seats. What made this happen? Right answer is almost obvious but is missed by politicians. Continue reading

Charity and Compassion

Charity is something we are taught from childhood.

Like good manners. Compassion is something far more profound. Charity is cultivated but compassion exists in the empty areas when there is no activity of ambition, achievement or competition or the like. Charity can be done but compassion happens. Compassion can be the cause of charity but not the other way round.

Traditions turning opaque:

Continue reading

Delhi Elections 2015.

Delhi Elections for Assembly.

1,33,09,708 voters are entitled to vote in Delhi Elections being held to elect local Government of State of Delhi on 7th February 2015. After a fortnight of canvassing, blaring loudspeakers and slogan shouting it is a quite morning in springs. Chirping birds welcomed this morning. Poll canvassing stopped yesterday evening. Apparently the 36 hours are given to voters to mull over the choices they have been presented by political parties.

Marigold Flower in springs 2015
The obvious perception is that it is two way fight between Modi’s BJP and Kejriwal’s AAP but not in every constituency. Continue reading

Living in global village.

Vacations in Global Village.

India is now part of global village. This winter we had three Non Resident Indian Guests from around the globe here in New Delhi. Infact there could not have been a better geographically convenient venue.
They were from three different directions namely Canada, UK and New Zealand respectively. Continue reading

Republic day 2015 in India

Greetings for republic day 2015.


Today is 66th republic day in India. On this day in 1950, the country had adopted it’s written constitution severing all ties with British Empire in respect of governance of India and thereafter the head of state came to be a citizen elected by elected legislatures. Continue reading

Talking inconsequential

Small talk is no small matter.

Talking or conversing is an attempt to communicate the perceptions. At least that is how I understood it. But now I am told that I am wrong. I am told that in social conversation, nothing should be spoken which is of consequence.

No honest opinions be expressed for it may result in flurry of activity on the part of listeners. Or worse may start introspection which could be in wrong direction or right direction.

This nudging has made me wonder again about my social handicap. It is not improving at all. A year gone by when I had formulated some points about socializing and here I am, back on the same path and same wooden feet. Continue reading

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